Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chasing the Clouds

I'm gonna keep this brief, I would like to have new posts every Monday. but after dealing with a rather destructive computer virus (that my brother got) cough cough you suck. I can say that because I know he won't be reading this. also that I pretty sure half of you aren't reading this. lol jk. But if you are reading this please leave a random swear word in the comments section. Any ways I needed to format my computer. So my creations are gone, I'm actually thinking about dual booting with a Cloud OS, Chrome OS whenever that is out of beta. and now I'm making sure everything important is backed up on my google drive. totally worth the little I had to pay for it

I love chasing the clouds so In light of that here are videos I like to watch while surfing the clouds

The Faint - The Geeks Were Right

Linkin Park - Breaking the Habit

Placebo - Meds

Enjoy them, I most certainly did

Monday, March 21, 2011

Edge of the Earth

Hello, welcome to my newly improved blog, and it is pretty. Sorry I don't have any download content yet but believe me I'm working on learning some new programs that will make all this easier, I've been working on learning the adobe suite, Premiere CS4 especially. my website will have some videos. We are working on Messing with Zombies. It has been done before we know but. This is the result of me messing around with the program learning how to use it. Note: I accidentally cut the first 15 seconds which made me a sad panda. But for you chasing the clouds out there, I made this for you.

30 seconds to Mars - Edge of the Earth.

My Pick of the WEEK IS: a Band that my brother introduced me to Code 64 -Leaving Earth
there are a Technopop band that sounds like that listen to alot of VNV Nation, which is another band with lots of excellent songs

Release Magazine stating that it has "genre-breaking potential" with Code 64 demonstrating "fantastic programming, refined melodies, classy varied vocals and enough punch and edge to light up the universe."

Monday, March 14, 2011

Daily Music Mixer/ My Pick of the Week

Hello World this is my new blog, I was trying to think of ideas for a Website, you could call this my alpha for a section of the website I'm gonna call Daily Media Mixer if its not already taken. current events on science/tech and highlighted news stories plus of your new and awesome old media. I know that there are already big names that cover this. soooooo its really just an idea for a project to work on while I learn HTML 5 and JavaScript. I will be an associate of Gaming 4 Geeks a friend of mine is working on that. so they will cover pretty much the same things i will. but I think if either name becomes bigger we will disolve the other. I just a idea so I don't know what is going to become of it. Daily Music Mixer will just focus on the music end. where I will dump my creations. mostly ringtones and text tones. and may in the distant future. my own written music. or in the not so distant future my friend Josh's amazing musical mishaps 

until i get a larger view base, and have more downloadable content. I will stick to the once a week basis 
My Pick of the Week: Flobots - White Flag Warrior

The  Flobots like to call their band a movement, and well they send their message loud and clear. Wake up America. a message of that proudly proclaimed we the people did not want want war

"We'd rather make our children (We request to negotiate) 
Martyrs than murderers (We come to you unarmed) 
We'd rather make our children (We desire to communicate) 
White Flag Warriors (You cannot do us harm)"